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Párbeszéd fájl
Ez itt a játékban található párbeszédfájl másolata. Egy olyan fájlé, amely játékon belüli üzeneteket tartalmaz a scriptekhez és dolgokhoz rendelve, vagy az NJK párbeszédeit tartalmazza.
{100}{}{You see Razlo.}
{101}{}{I'm sorry but I can't help you.}
{102}{}{Can't or won't?}
{103}{}{Razlo looks at you for a moment, and then turns away.}
{104}{}{You look distraught. Are you in need of assistance?}
{105}{}{Tandi has been kidnapped.}
{106}{}{Hng, Tanny boo.}
{107}{}{Tandi is gone? That is a terrible thing. I hope they find her.}
{108}{}{Hmm, Tandi is gone? I find this hard to believe, but maybe
 she ran away with Seth. I know that they have been eyeing
 each other lately. Aradesh was always a little bit of a
 prude, perhaps it was too much for her finally.}
{109}{}{Hmm, I didn't think of that.}
{110}{}{I don't think so, I think that she was kidnapped.}
{111}{}{Perhaps, I'll go talk to some other people.}
{112}{}{How awful! If that is the case, I hope she is not hurt.
 Who is looking for her?}
{113}{}{Almost everyone.}
{114}{}{Many people, including myself.}
{115}{}{I hope she is found before it is too late.}
{116}{}{If she is hurt, it could be bad. Here, take these . . .
 I hope that you won't need them.}
{117}{}{I hope Tandi gets back soon. Aradesh must be feeling
 terrible right now.}
{118}{}{I heard that you helped save Tandi. Congratulations
 and thank you. Anytime you need healing, come here.}
{119}{}{My grief knows no end. Tandi, the only child of my
 good friend, is gone. I cannot work right now.}
{120}{}{I'm Razlo. Can I help you?}
{121}{}{Not right now, but it was nice meeting you.}
{122}{}{I need healing.}
{124}{}{Hmmm. I think I've seen Brahmin with more brain cells
 then you. Well, let's see if you're wounded.}
{125}{}{Well, you seem fine to me. Perhaps later, then?}
{126}{}{Let's see here.}
{127}{}{I have already given you as much as I can. Good luck.}
{128}{}{Hmmm, I don't like your looks. I hope that you have come
 for business, and will be moving on shortly . . .}
{129}{}{No need to get defensive, I'm just looking around}
{130}{}{Help, I need some healing.}
{131}{}{Hello, again. How can I be of service?}
{132}{}{Hello again. Just stopping by.}
{133}{}{I need healing.}
{135}{}{It was nice seeing you again. Have a good day.}
{136}{}{Of course. It's you again. Now what?}
{138}{}{I need healing.}
{140}{}{Of course you do.}
{141}{}{Can I help you?}
{143}{}{I need healing.}
{144}{}{I've been poisoned!}
{145}{}{What do you know about Radscorpions?}
{146}{}{I have a sample of the Radscorpion poison, can you do
 something with it?}
{148}{}{Sorry, I can't cure any poisons. I don't have the
 proper ingredients to make a decent anti-venom.}
{149}{}{Here, let's see.}
{150}{}{Yep, just as I thought. Let me get the cure.}
{151}{}{You seem fine, now. Be careful in the future.}
{152}{}{Stop by again, but stay healthy next time.}
{153}{}{Not too much. They seem to be extremely large versions
 of the north American Emperor scorpion. Contrary to my
 medical knowledge, their poison has grown more potent,
 not diluted, as I would expect. Seth has been hunting them, which helps
 some of my tests.}
{154}{}{And how such a large
 creature can even be possible by natural evolution,
 or even radiation induced mutation is beyond me.}
{156}{}{You seem well educated. What are you doing here?}
{157}{}{Anything else?}
{158}{}{They seem to be sensitive to light. Nocturnal. If I
 could get a sample of their poison, especially the
 venom production sac located in their tail, I could
 create an anti-venom.}
{160}{}{Doc Morbid in Junktown taught me some. And just
 because we live in stone huts, does not mean we are
 less intelligent or educated. Have a nice day.}
{161}{}{Let me see the sac! Yes, I can do something with
{162}{}{Here, take this as a free sample. It seems to work
 well against radscorpion stings, of course, but it
 shows much potential as a general anti-venom and
 poison cure.}
{163}{}{It's late. Come back in the morning.}
{164}{}{But I need your help.}
{165}{}{I'm trying to kill some radscorpions. Do you have anything
 to help?}
{166}{}{I'm looking for Tandi. Can you help?}
{168}{}{Hnn?! What is that? Great, I get awakened by the great
 mumbling beast of the north. Come back in the morning.}
{169}{}{Are you hurt?}
{172}{}{You will be, if you keep me from my sleep. Now come
 back in the morning.}
{173}{}{Great Brahmin! Why didn't you say so?}
{174}{}{Uhhh. I did . . .}
{175}{}{You're barely hurt. I suggest a good nights sleep and
 some rest; you will heal naturally over time.}
{176}{}{You're barely hurt, you wimp. Come back in the morning.}
{177}{}{Ouch, that does look a little painful. That will be $25.}
{178}{}{OK, here you go.}
{179}{}{I don't have enough money.}
{180}{}{Oh Great Brahmin! That is very, very serious. It will
 cost $50.}
{181}{}{OK, here you go.}
{182}{}{I don't have enough money.}
{183}{}{How can you still be walking?! This looks extremely
 serious. We'll need some special prayers for this one
 and a lot of luck. Not to mention $100.}
{184}{}{OK, here you go.}
{185}{}{I don't have enough money.}
{186}{}{You don't have enough money! I'm sorry, but my work ethic
 doesn't permit me to heal for free, you know. Come back
 when you have enough money.}
{187}{}{Can you take something in trade?}
{188}{}{Thanks for nothing.}
{189}{}{Sorry, not today.}
{190}{}{Why would I be able to help you kill radscorpions?
 I'm a doctor, not a warrior. For that you should see
 Aradesh, or even Tandi, or her boyfriend, Seth. Leave
{191}{}{I need something for their poison.}
{192}{}{If I had a sample of their poison, I could create
 a cure.}
{194}{}{I don't think so, I think that she was kidnapped.}
{195}{}{Perhaps, I'll go talk to some other people.}
{196}{}{This will take a little bit of time. Come, relax in
 the back. You might have a slight headache from the
 junja juice, as well. Come, come . . .}
{197}{}{I have already given you as much as I can. Good luck.}
{300}{}{You gain 250 experience points for helping make the antidote.}
{301}{}{K, me giv?}
{303}{}{Scorpin, Scorpin?}
{304}{}{My giv dis?}
{305}{}{How about a Radscorpion tail instead?}
{306}{}{Let me see the sac! Yes, I can do something with
 this, as well as heal you for this great gift.}
{307}{}{This will take a little bit of time. Come, relax in
 the back, while I work with the sac. You might have a slight headache from the
 junja juice, as well. Come, come . . .}
{308}{}{Please do not take my things.}


{1100}{}{They are a lawless group who pretend to be some people from the
 far past.}
{1101}{}{He leads the Khans.  He is one of the most dangerous men that
 has ever set eyes on Shady Sands.  He leads the raider clans with a
 heavy fist.}
{1102}{}{It's 4-6 days to the southwest.  Good trading occasionally, but
 more often than not, they try to stiff us.}
{1103}{}{You're standing in it.}
{1104}{}{Much farther to the south than Junktown.  The Hub is the largest
 city I've heard about.  Must be a thousand people there, at least.}
{1105}{}{Sorry, I can't help you.}
{1106}{}{She is the daughter of Aradesh.  Some day she could lead us, but
 she must learn to temper her ways.}
{1107}{}{He is the leader of our community, and a true hero.  You can always
 find him at work in the communal hall.}
{1108}{}{He works with Aradesh to make sure we are safe.}
{1109}{}{That is me. I am the doctor for Shady Sands.}
{1110}{}{You're standing in it.}

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