Párbeszéd fájl
Ez itt a játékban található párbeszédfájl másolata. Egy olyan fájlé, amely játékon belüli üzeneteket tartalmaz a scriptekhez és dolgokhoz rendelve, vagy az NJK párbeszédeit tartalmazza.
{100}{}{You see Andrew, the jail guard.}
{101}{}{Okay, you can go now.}
{102}{}{Hey! You! Stop!}
{103}{}{Can I help you?}
{104}{}{Who are you?}
{105}{}{What are you doing?}
{106}{}{No thanks.}
{107}{}{I'm Andrew. My job is to guard the jail.}
{108}{}{I'm guarding the jail. I make sure that miscreants don't get
 in or out.}
{109}{}{Why would you keep people from getting in the jail?}
{111}{}{You have a good day. And stay out of trouble.}
{112}{}{Someone might leave something to help a prisoner escape. Or someone
 might get locked inside, and stuck until we could get the keys.}
{114}{}{Move along, fella.}
{115}{}{Move along, miss.}
{116}{}{Hey! Knock it off!}

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